RCPPRO Customer Testimonials

Antonio ( Lexington Massachusetts )


Antonio, thank you and congratulations! from Norma in Lexington

Hi Antonio, Please thank your team today–everything looks great, no cat hair

(I try to keep up with them, but in shedding season even daily brushing doesn’t do it!)

and whoever made that guest bed up deserves a hug! It was such a nice surprise, plus I love your ideas on sofa pillows and placement of accessories, which I then experiment with myself

(subject as always to Husband’s practical preferences–but your “eye” is far more artistic ; )

What a nice surprise to see your great new (to me at least) business card as a “signature” today on my staircase when I got home. In addition to the signature nice scent, little points on the bathroom paper, and excellent dusting and beautiful floors! My Asthma thanks you!

Warmly, Norma Floyd


July 24th 2014